IDG Contributor Network: Highest paying tech skills and certifications in 2017: there are some surprises

Getting compensation right has been a nagging problem with tech professionals for a very long time. I’ve spent a few columns exploring aspects of why employers will pay their tech workers extra cash for a skill or certification when they’re already paying them a salary and annual bonus.

Let’s summarize.

First, there’s constant market price volatility due to rapid shifts in labor supply and demand and it takes a lot of effort to respond accordingly. Then there are countless variations in the jobs tech pros are asked to perform as the average employer requires more and more hybrid tech-business experience with industry knowledge, specific solution aptitude, soft skills and niche experience with a certain kinds of customers or particular products and services. It’s no longer good enough for workers to demonstrate proven expertise on a single platform: employers reward experience spanning multiple tech platforms, domains, programming languages, tools and systems.

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